Water Resources University Olympic delegation won three national Physics 2016

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(TLU) Physics Olympiad for Students Nationwide XIX th place from 21/4 – 24/04/2016 at the University (University) Duy Tan, Ho. Danang is playing affirmed talent and bravery of the young talents in the country of Physics.
Duy Tan University is the first private schools to host educational events this national stature. It is also the national Physics Olympics with the largest scale ever, with the participation of 49 delegations and nearly 300 students and faculty and professionals in all parts Physical country.
Within the framework of the exam, Duy Tan University has organized viagra pas cher many activities relating to tighten solidarity and friendship between the delegations. In institutions including the exchanges and the exchange of scientific research and teaching Physics to staff, faculty of participating clubs to exchange information, rewarding experience as well as discuss the possibility of operation between schools.